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I'm Andrew Kwon, and you may remember me from                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

In the past, I've worked as a Forensic Accountant. Hardware Exploitation Researcher. Cyber Vulnerability Researcher. Cyber Threat Emulation Operator. Network Security Consultant. Program Interaction Designer. Digital Assets Consultant.

These days, I'm collaborating with educators and groups advocating for a provably fair society. This essentially means encouraging people to think and get excited about the potential of blockchain-based systems. Encouragement might entail making donations in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto and funding classroom equipment for public schools, assisting organizations in the blockchain industry, or investigating incidences of political and/or financial crime.

I didn't get into bitcoin to become wealthy. Quite the opposite really. My experiences during the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2007-2009 Great Recession pushed me towards the conclusion that the modern financial system, its governance, and its culture are fundamentally flawed. As it stands, the cost of a decent quality of life continues to rise because it is based on imbalance and exclusion.

There's a lot about this world that I truly despise, mostly because it doesn't have to be this way. Progress over profit. That's what I believe in. That's what drives me to take the risks that I take. Screw the bottom line. If all this was just about making money, I wouldn't have donated 99% of my bitcoin and tens of millions of dollars over the past couple years. Don't get me twisted, I like nice things too, but I also don't want to base my happiness or success on obtaining things that are only special because few people have access to them. Arbitrary scarcity is only beneficial to society if applied for the right reasons. What's precious and valuable doesn't have to be scarce. This might seem a bit odd to hear in the context of bitcoin, but really, these digital coins are supposed to remind people that humankind created money, not the other way around.

Bitcoin itself doesn't have to change much - how people look at money does. Bitcoin can and is doing a lot on that front, but too many users of cryptocurrency still don't get it yet. Getting rich within a flawed system isn't real progress or innovation, that's just another zero-sum game with a facelift. Decentralization should apply to the resources we have, not just the applications and services we use. If we want to create a world where tomorrow's thousandaires have the quality of life that was once restricted to yesteryear's millionaires, then making cultural changes are just as necessary as overcoming technical challenges. So let's do it.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please direct them to blockoperator@protonmail.com Got something interesting in mind? Need a hand with an investigation or an operation? Feel free to reach out. I'm not very good at staying on top of inboxes while working, but I'll try to get back to you shortly eventually. Please don't take any delays in response personally.

*Any statements or opinions expressed herein are personal and may not accurately reflect the views of any past and/or present employers.
Names and/or locations may be altered for legal and/or privacy purposes.
Stay safe out there.   Bend laws, don't break them.  Good luck.




As of September 5th, 2020, Block Operator has used bitcoin to fulfill thousands of funding requests from educators and organizations around the world.  From programmable robots and drones, to basic classroom supplies and equipment, donations were made via DonorsChoose.org or through direct grants of 21 btc or more.  All donations were made in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Ms. Elder North End Middle School

"@BlockOperator, I am dazzled by your generosity to public education! My students and I dug into global and digital currencies just this past week- Satoshi Nakamoto must have allowed our stars to cross for the good of the kids! Cheers to you for being the GOOD in the world!"


Mrs. Provenzano Rustic Lane Elementary School

"Oh my, Block Operator, how exciting to see your donation fully funded our virtual reality headsets! What a wonderful way to honor Satoshi, we will remember that name each time we use the headsets! I can not wait to tell my students. My students will see places they may never have the opportunity to travel to. Your contribution will provide experiences the students will have for a life time and broaden their career opportunities as they see the world outside their neighborhoods. Thank You!"


Mrs. Dellaquila Francis Grandinetti Elementary School

"Thank you so very much for making a donation in memory of someone special. Our classroom sincerely appreciates it."


Mrs. Spring Pecan Park Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful donation! We feel honored to receive a donation in memory of Satoshi! This donation helped us to reach our goal, and it will help make such a difference to my students. With sincerest thanks, Mrs. Spring!


Ms. Caskey Golden Oak Community School

"Thank you for your donation in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto. Thanks to you we will have our stands in time for Open House and all the great projects to come. :)"


Mrs. Backer Stockdale Elementary School

"Thank you Block Operator for your generous gift given in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto. We will cherish our robots for years to come. Thank you from 26 ecstatic first graders and their lucky teacher."


Ms. White Quinnipiac STEM Magnet School

"Thank you so very much for helping complete our project! My students are going to squeal with joy when they find out we will finally have enough robots for each pair to use! This is going to be the greatest day ever! We will honor the memory of Satoshi Nakamoto by taking their learning to the next level with STEAM. We also will talk about the value of paying a good deed forward to help someone else! Thank you again for caring about my inner city students!"


Mrs. Betten William McKinley Elementary School

"Thank you! Your donation led to the full funding of the project for my class, and just the beginning of numerous learning experiences about design and engineering practices that my students will be exposed to. I truly appreciate your generosity in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin)."


Ms. Finn Dawes Elementary School

"Dear Block Operator, I am so touched that you have donated to our project in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto. Even though I didn't know Satoshi, it is a beautiful gesture that you have chosen to honor Satoshi's memory by contributing to a project that will help students with STEM concepts. Building these robots will be a first for my students and they are so excited. Thank you again!!"


Mrs. Thompson Dawes Elementary School

"Thank you for making this happen; my students and I have been working on it for 6 months. I'm honored you chose our project to honor Satoshi Nakamoto."


Mrs. Wildy Diablo Vista Middle School

"Thank you Block Operator. I am touched that you would reach out from Illinois. Thank you! May the lives you touch continue Satoshi Nakamoto's work in innovative, collaborative thinking."


Ms. Keating South Park Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your donation in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto! You are making dreams come true for many special children!"


Ms. Dieckmann Harrisburg High School

"Thank you very much for your donation to my project. Thanks to you, the entire project has been funded. I appreciate the gift from you in Satoshi Nakamoto's memory. Thank you."


Ms. Opdenberg Little Falls Elementary School

"Thank you so much for donating to my project. I hope to honor the memory of Satoshi Nakamoto by spreading the love of coding. Happy Holidays."


Ms. Adamski Beach Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your donation in memory of Satoshi Nakamoto!"